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Top-grossing films released since 2002. Click a title to see more detail about the film.

YearTitleRatingTobacco incidentsTobacco impressions millions
2013The Great GatsbyPG-1350+3,062
2013Grudge MatchPG-1300
2013The Hangover Part IIIR50+773
2013The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugPG-1310-29445
2013The Incredible Burt WonderstonePG-1300
2013Jack the Giant SlayerPG-1300
2013Man of SteelPG-1300
2013Pacific RimPG-1300
2013We're the MillersR10-29425
2013The Wizard of Oz (1939)PG1-914
2013% of company’s films with smoking:38%IncidentsImpressions
Summary% of smoking films youth-rated:57%5477,027
2012The CampaignR30-49393
2012Chernobyl DiariesR00
2012Cloud AtlasR50+211
2012The Dark Knight RisesPG-1300
2012Dark ShadowsPG-1330-49471
2012Extremely Loud and Incredibly ClosePG-1300
2012The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyPG-1350+4,720
2012Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandPG00
2012Joyful NoisePG-1300
2012The Lucky OnePG-1300
2012Magic MikeR1-9100
2012Project XR1-97
2012Rock of AgesPG-131-95
2012Trouble with the CurvePG-1350+418
2012Wrath of the TitansPG-1300
2012% of company’s films with smoking:56%IncidentsImpressions
Summary% of smoking films youth-rated:44%5329,076
2011Stupid Crazy LovePG-1300
2011Dolphin TalePG00
2011Final Destination 5R00
2011Green LanternPG-1300
2011Hall PassR00
2011The Hangover Part IIR30-491,053
2011Happy Feet TwoPG00
2011Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2PG-1300
2011Horrible BossesR00
2011J. EdgarR10-2966
2011New Year's EvePG-1300
2011Red Riding HoodPG-1300
2011The RitePG-131-98
2011Sherlock Holmes: Game of ShadowsPG-1350+1,814
2011Something BorrowedPG-1300
2011Sucker PunchPG-1310-2983
2011A Very Harold & Kumar 3D ChristmasR10-2966
2011% of company’s films with smoking:35%IncidentsImpressions
Summary% of smoking films youth-rated:57%1683,160
2010The Book of EliR00
2010Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty GalorePG00
2010Clash of the TitansPG-1300