News | 2010


Smoke Screens

Richard Brody | The New Yorker (7 Jan 2010)
A modest proposal: the MPAA ratings system should be abolished. Read more...

Avatars don't smoke

The editors | The New York Times (7 Jan 2010)
It’s hard to condemn the strategy of using information, not censorship, to confront a perceived public-health threat. Read more...

Up in smoke: Give movies with tobacco an automatic 'R'

David Edelstein | New York Magazine (6 Jan 2010)
We just make it tougher for new films with cigarette use to influence kids. Read more...

Smoking in movies

Mick Lasalle | San Francisco Chronicle (4 Jan 2010)
If you look at the smoking in recent releases, it has been decidedly unglamorous. Read more...

James Cameron responds to critics of smoking in 'Avatar'

Michael Cieply | The New York Times (3 Jan 2010)
Smoking is a filthy habit which I don’t support, and neither, I believe, does 'Avatar.' Read more...

'Avatar' joins holiday movies that fail an antismoking test

Michael Cieply | The New York Times (3 Jan 2010)
Others include 'Sherlock Holmes,' 'The Blind Side,' 'Nine,' and 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox.' Read more...