News | 2016


Movies depicting smoking should be given ‘adult rating’: WHO

Alexandra Gibbs | CNBC (1 Feb 2016)
Movies which contain smoking scenes or tobacco imagery "should be given an adult rating", the World Health Organization (WHO) announced in a new report, in a bid to remove the perceived glamour of the practice. Read more...

WHO wants age-wise ratings for films with tobacco imagery

Shreerupa Mitra-Jha | Press Trust of India (1 Feb 2016)
Praising the pioneering legislative initiatives made by India and China in protecting non-smokers from smoking imagery in entertainment products, the WHO expert added that "much more needs to be done". Read more...

Films showing smoking 'should be given adult rating': WHO calls for strict guidelines to stop children being tempted to light up

Kate Pickles | Daily Mail (1 Feb 2016)
World Health Organisation called films 'last frontier' of tobacco advertising. Read more...

Films showing smoking scenes should be rated to protect children from tobacco addiction

World Health Organization | News release (1 Feb 2016)
WHO is calling on governments to rate movies that portray tobacco use in a bid to prevent children and adolescents from starting to smoke cigarettes and use other forms of tobacco. Read more...

What are actors actually smoking in movies?

Michelle Woo | (30 Jan 2016)
A veteran prop master explains what actors are really inhaling, puffing and snorting on screen. Read more...

Why does Hollywood glorify smoking...?

Rush Limbaugh | The Rush Limbaugh Show (6 Jan 2016)
Now, you would think that if Hollywood was really serious about it, a bunch of liberals interested in public health, that they would not make any movies with anybody smoking. So what's up? Read more...