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'Eddie the Eagle' soars, but Hugh Jackman's cigarette smoking stinks

Jeff Sneider | The Wrap (26 Feb 2016)
The period film is rated PG-13, and one of the reasons for that is his character’s insistence on lighting up. Read more...


When humans fight back

David Edelstein | New York Magazine (29 Jul 2011)
So why make cigarettes look cool—unless you have a deal with Big Tobacco? Read more...


This article is not yet rated

A.O. Scott | The New York Times (24 Jan 2010)
We want movies to acknowledge what is real, but also to improve on reality. Read more...

Smoking in movies

Mick Lasalle | San Francisco Chronicle (4 Jan 2010)
If you look at the smoking in recent releases, it has been decidedly unglamorous. Read more...


The verdict at Sundance: Debuts on difficult subjects

Elvis Mitchell | The New York Times (27 Jan 2003)
So much contemplative dragging on cigarettes amid operatic shafts of backlighting. Read more...