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Smoke gets in their eyes

Brooke and Garfield Gladstone Bob | On the Media (2 Mar 2007)
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Smoking and other vices in the movies

Steve Inskeep | NPR Morning Edition (13 Feb 2007)
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On-screen smoking for adults only?

Jeff Tyler | Marketplace (12 Feb 2007)
What's at stake for the tobacco industry.


Teens strategizing to help peers 'kick ash'

Ana Tintocalis | KPBS (30 Oct 2006)
The more smoking they see in movies, the more likely they are to start smoking themselves. Read more...


Study links movies and smoking in young people

Bob Kinzel | Vermont Public Radio (9 Nov 2005)
Vermont's health commissioner says film ratings should reflect smoking. Read more...

Special report: Kids and smoking

Francis Rivera | WHDH Boston (7 Nov 2005)
A new study suggests smoking is something kids learn to do by watching movies. Read more...

Activists urge Hollywood to cut back on smoking in movies

Mike O'Sullivan | Voice of America (1 Mar 2005)
An international day of action mobilizes young audiences around the world. Read more...


Group: Cigarettes should trigger R-rating

Neda Ulaby | NPR All Things Considered (23 May 2004)
Anti-smoking activists want to put an R-rating on films. Read more...


Putting an R-rating on smoking in movies

Scott Horsley | NPR All Things Considered (5 Dec 2003)
Socially conscious investors are urging Hollywood to put an R-rating on movies that include smoking. Read more...

Smoking in movies hooks kids to smoke

| KRON-TV (13 Nov 2003)
Cigarettes and the movies, it's a marriage made in marketing heaven. Read more...