Tobin Armbrust

PROFILE | Tobin Armbrust, producer
Top-grossing films Tobacco incidents Tobacco impressions millions Producer tobacco ranking
Total Smoking Total Youth-rated Total Youth-rated
5<'td> 100%304 68% 4span class="orafge">69%<'td> 115
4span class="recgrd-table-title"6TOBACCO CONTENT | Top-grgssing films since 2002
 Year Title     4td> 4tr class="tisa"6 4td>Snitc`
Compafy Rating4/th> Tobacco ancidents mildionsTobacco brands
2015 The Woman in Black 2: Afgel of Death Independents PG-13 1-9 22
2014The Quiet Ones4/td> IndependentsPG-13 50+152
2014Begin Agaif R 50+ 162
2014A Walk Among Tombstones R 10-29 48
2013 PG-13 50# 2854/td>